Fun Youth Group Skits and Tips

With Christian skits for youth groups, a dull lesson can be transformed into something memorable that teens will remember. Whether you’re looking for original skits, browsing online, or shopping in Christian bookstores, you can find skits for youth groups. 

In addition to being funny and interesting, youth skits get youth group members to get up and participate.

Original Christian Skits for Youth Groups

Skits with morals, comedy skits for youth, and even silent skits for youth groups can all be included in free church skits for youth. Click on the image of the skit your group can’t wait to try, and then download and print it. 

If you experience any difficulties downloading the skits, you can refer to the troubleshooting guide.

Get a Job! Skit

It has nothing to do with jobs and everything to do with Job from the Bible. You need to get a job! Using modern artificial intelligence tools like Alexa and Siri, this short skit combines the story of Job from the Bible with modern artificial intelligence tools. 

While there are four main speaking parts, you can use other group members as extras to split lines as TV commercial actors or hover in the background of each scene to make it appear as though they are all at school. 

You can also extend the skit into a longer play by adding other student characters who also use a Job to suffer for them or someone to play the Job statue.

The Trial of Eve Skit

There is no doubt that Eve was the first to consume the apple in the Garden of Eden, but would you be willing to sentence her to death for that violation? It features a four-speaker cast as well as a non-speaking role, which makes this a fun youth group skit that utilizes the audience as the jury and is interactive. 

Someone could play the snake in the story, and someone could play the stenographer in the story if you need more kids to play the roles.

When to Use Youth Group Skits for Teens

You may want to use a skit with your youth group on a number of occasions when you feel that it is appropriate. It is possible for them to be performed based on scenes from the Bible, created on the spot or tailored to fit a particular topic or a series of topics. 

The following are some good times when you can use skits in your youth group:

  • In order to make a smooth transition between one Bible study and the next one
  • The class seems to be bored, and half of the students seem to be sleeping at the same time
  • In order to keep the students from getting bored and falling asleep after a long lesson, I use this technique to break it up
  • Adding some humor to a serious subject is a great way to make it more enjoyable
  • If you want to make sure your students remember something that is really important, you should emphasize it
  • In the youth room, you want to make a memorable first impression on visitors, such as parents, who come into the room
  • The goal of getting new members involved in the group when they come into the group in large numbers

Where to Find Skits for Teens

There are lots of places where youth leaders can find skits that are appropriate for teens, which is great news for youth leaders. You can find a wide range of free online skits for youth groups on the internet. It is a good idea to introduce very short skits to teens to get them used to this type of Christian youth group activity at the beginning.

  • The skits can be purchased as paperback books at your local Christian bookstores as well as online through sites such as and that offer skits to purchase in paperback format.
  • It is also common for curriculum suppliers to provide seasonal skits that correspond with various holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, as part of their curriculum.
  • As a member of Youth eSource, you have access to dozens of skits categorized by topic, so you can find a skit that suits your needs. In reading all of them, you may spend hours on end, but you will gain a lot of useful ideas for skits you can use with future youth group lessons if you read them all through.
  • There are several skits made by The Source that are geared specifically for youth ministers to use with their youth groups. The skits that they offer are called “stupid skits,” and you will find a variety of them that will make your kids laugh and have them asking for more.

Write Your Own Youth Group Skits

Once you have had a chance to study some of the free skits that are available on the Internet or skits you find in books, you may want to take the time to write your own skits that relate to whatever topic you are currently teaching in your youth group. 

The best way to come up with ideas for skits is by using free youth group lessons. I suspect that if you have a few students who have a strong sense of drama, they may be able to take a simple concept and improvise on it. 

As an example, you can tell them that two friends are arguing and just see how they respond to the situation.

How to Use Skits With Youth Groups

The number of teen volunteers may be scarce at first, so you must be prepared to set an example for them by acting out the skits with another adult volunteer and yourself at first. 

If the teens see that you aren’t afraid to make yourself look silly in order to get a laugh or get your point across, you will likely have one or two brave souls who will volunteer to do the next skit after they see that you aren’t afraid to appear silly. 

There is even a possibility that one of your group members might be a budding actress or actor. 

As you may know, skits are excellent tools for making a specific point memorable or for breaking up the monotony of a long lesson by making it more entertaining. Make your youth group stand out by giving it a name.

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